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Happy Mother's Day!!
Happy Birthday, @dave-howell!! I hope you have a great day!
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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
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Happy Birthday @emma-philson! I hope you have a great day-of-preparation today! Shabbat shalom!
Happy birthday @sima-siegel and @kristina-herrera! You guys aren't online here a lot, but I hope you have a great day today!
Happy Birthday to @dave-howell!! Without you, none of us would even be here today!
Happy Birthday @joshua-holland! Hope you have a great day with your awesome family!
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"The Lord has given unto you these 15- ... Oy-"
15...10 Commandments
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Happy first-day-back-to-school! Good luck... you'll probably need a little bit. xD
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Happy New Year, Everyone!!
Happy Hannukah, everyone!
Happy Birthday, @sima-siegel and @kristina-herrera !! I didn't know you guys shared a birthday?? I hope you guys have a great day! :D